Google Inline Jump To Links

It is now fairly common to see Google insert jump to anchor links for popular pages in their search results. For example, a search for “wordpress loop” returned 3 anchor links.

Inline Jump To Links

Then I did a search for “wordpress multiple loops” and noticed an additional jump to link within the description text.

Google has picked that section of the page as being more relevant to my search terms and has included a link to that anchor. Not only that but the description is taken from the page content immediately after that anchor point and heading. Clever.

Let’s look at the source code

In this example, looking at the page source code reveals an anchor tag followed by a heading tag followed by a paragraph of content.

<a name="Multiple_Loops_in_Action" id="Multiple_Loops_in_Action"></a>
<h4><span class="mw-headline">Multiple Loops in Action</span></h4>
<p>The best way to understand how to use multiple loops is to actually show an example of its use...

It’s unclear wether Google in picking the “Multiple Loops in Action” link text from the anchor name or the following heading text.

Interestingly the ‘mw-headline’ class applied to the heading seems to be a fairly standard class applied to headings in Wikis, so maybe this is what Google is picking up on.

I think I may have to try out some of this HTML markup and see what happens…

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