My little contribution to WordPress 3.4

WordPress 3.4 is out…
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My little contribution is one tiny commit, but it fixes an issue which I find incredibly frustrating when managing a site with a large about of hierarchical categories (or other hierarchical taxonomies).

Checked on top

When you check categories when editing a post in WordPress, after saving checked categories appear at the top of the list.

The makes sense if you have many non-hierarchical categories and it makes it easy for you to deselect categories without having to scroll through a long list.

However, when dealing with hierarchical categories and sub-categories, all checked options still jump to the top, moving out of the hierarchical structure. This makes it difficult to identify which checked categories are top level and which are sub-categories and is particularly confusing if you have sub-categories with the same name under different parent categories.

Introducing the wp_terms_checklist_args filter

The new filter allows you to filter all checklist arguments including the ‘checked_ontop’ variable.


$defaults = array(
	'descendants_and_self' => 0,
	'selected_cats' => false,
	'popular_cats' => false,
	'walker' => null,
	'taxonomy' => 'category',
	'checked_ontop' => true
$args = apply_filters( 'wp_terms_checklist_args', $args, $post_id );
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Ben Huson