Nikki Loy – Now or Never Debut EP

Nikki Loy - Now or Never EP

Nikki’s Debut EP “Now or Never” is available to download…

Nikki gigs regularly in Oxford, London and the surrounding areas… She is currently working on her second EP which will be released later in 2009 (fingers crossed). The first one, ‘Now or Never’ is available NOW on iTunes and Amazon:

For updates and forthcoming gigs, you can follow Nikki at, Facebook and Twitter.

PS: She’s also available for booking for your event and I can assure you she’s great! (I’m she she won’t mind me saying)


BBC Travel Alerts on Twitter


So, this is how Twitter could be useful!

I have to say, I haven’t really got into Twitter yet. My one and only ‘Tweet’ is now over 1 month old which shows my embarrassing failure to get to grips with what Twitter is all about. Yes, I’m one of the 552,828 followers of Stephen Fry (at the time of writing), but up until now I’ve failed so see the usefulness of Twitter in a real-world environment – not just to know when Stephen in going to be “Back in time for tea”.

So, hit London with 48 hours of tube strikes and suddenly it all becomes clear. Follow BBCTravelalert on Twitter and get instant up-to-date feedback on the latest travel situation from London’s commuters – much more useful that the TFL service updates which are rarely accurate.


Getting lost in WordPress…

So I’ve not posted anything for over 6 months…
…why on earth not?

Well, mainly because I have been really busy, but also because I’ve been spending much of my time getting lost in WordPress.

By getting lost I don’t mean disorientated and confused – in fact WordPress is a great little blogging/CMS system for the non-technical user with it’s intuitive user interface and now in version 2.7 the ability to cusomise the admin, hiding panels and options that you don’t use on a regular basis.

I’ve been absorbing myself in the code, examining plugins and themes, and getting to grips with hooks and filters. Under the bonnet, WordPress provides an extensive interface into which developers can create complex plugins and created rich, visual, interactive themes. And one thing is clear…

…a WordPress site does not necessarily have to look or behave like a blog.

Check out some of these themes and sites – they all run WordPress, honest (or at least they did the last time I looked):


How do I force quit or restart an iPhone?

My post about forcing a frozen iPod to restart seems to be very popular so I thought I’d post a similar article for those of you with iPhones.

How to force shutdown (reset) an iPhone: To force shutdown/reboot the iPhone 3G, press the sleep/wake power button first followed by the home button. Hold the buttons down for a few seconds until the screen changes. You should see the black background and white Apple logo to indicate the reset was successful.

Quit a frozen iPhone application: Very occasionally you may find that an iPhone application can freeze and lock up. To resolve this simply hold the Home button when in the application for about 6 seconds to quit it. You should then be able to reopen the application without restarting the phone.

Hope you find this useful…