Category Paging Functions in WP e-Commerce 3.7.6

WP e-Commerce 3.7.6 now includes better support for paging on category pages.

The latest release contains a suite of functions (my little contribution) to help you customise how pagination is displayed in your WPSC templates.

You can find an in-depth look at these functions and how to use them in the WP e-Commerce Documentation.

Below are some quick examples of what you can do…



New style hooks for WordPress Theme Developers in WP e-Commerce 3.7.5

The latest version of Instinct’s WordPress e-commerce plugin uses the WordPress body_class filter to add classes to the HTML body tag.

WP e-Commerce 3.7.5 adds the following styles to the body tag:

  • wpsc
  • wpsc-home
  • wpsc-single-product
  • wpsc-single-product-id
  • wpsc-category
  • wpsc-category-id
  • wpsc-group-id
  • wpsc-shopping-cart
  • wpsc-transaction-details
  • wpsc-user-account

These extra classes will give you more flexibility when designing themes for WP e-Commerce.