Adobe InContext Editing

This looks interesting…
Easy-to-integrate online website content management.

Adobe InContext Editing appears to be a move on from Adobe Contribute, disposing of the local application and providing a Rich Internet Application (RIA) which will allow you to edit predetermined areas of your web site, presumable defined by Dreamweaver-style editable areas. This it great as it will

  • give website designers control over their design
  • give website owners control over their content, anywhere with a web connection



Yellow Form Fields?

Why do you sometimes see yellow forms fields on web sites?
What are they and why are they there?

The answer is Google Toolbar. If you have Google Toolbar installed and the AutoFill option enabled, Google will remember your personal information so that it can automatically populate form fields for you. Fields such as name, address and phone will all turn yellow if AutoFill is turned on – the default setting.

Although it is good useability for these fields to be highlighted in some way, as a web designer you may not want yellow form fields on your web page for aesthetic reasons.

So, how do you override it…?



How to clear Safari Browser Cache

  1. Click on the “Safari”? menu
  2. Select “Empty Cache…”

Sounds easy doesn’t it!
However, I find that this doesn’t always work, particularly if you are viewing Flash sites, so I tend to follow this slightly more lengthy procedure which usually works.

  1. Close all open Safari windows
  2. Click on the “Safari”? menu
  3. Select “Empty Cache…”
  4. Quit Safari
  5. Relaunch Safari
  6. Optionally, select “Empty Cache…” again, just to make sure