Adobe InContext Editing

This looks interesting…
Easy-to-integrate online website content management.

Adobe InContext Editing appears to be a move on from Adobe Contribute, disposing of the local application and providing a Rich Internet Application (RIA) which will allow you to edit predetermined areas of your web site, presumable defined by Dreamweaver-style editable areas. This it great as it will

  • give website designers control over their design
  • give website owners control over their content, anywhere with a web connection



Loading XML files in Flash over an SSL Connection in Internet Explorer

If you have a Flash site which loads dynamically generated XML file using SSL, you may have experienced this problem.

Loading XML files in Flash over an SSL Connection fails in Internet Explorer if the Pragma:no-cache or Cache-control:no-cache HTTP headers are set on the XML file. By default, all dynamically generated files are returned by the server with the Pragma:no-cache header so that they are not cached by the browser.

To ensure that Flash loads the XML successfully, you should use the following function in PHP near the top of your code:


Essential ActionScript 3.0

by Colin Moock
Essential ActionScript 3.0
Colin Moock’s next book, Essential ActionScript 3.0, is now complete. It’s due to ship sometime in June, but you can read the entire manuscript through O’Reilly’s “Rough Cuts” service.

I find that O’Reilly books are an invaluable resource to help build your development knowledge and keep up-to-date with the latest technologies. They are friendly, concise and many of my skills have been built upon using the O’Reilly books as a learning resource.

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