Mac SOAP Client – Fixed for OS X Leopard

Upgraded to OS X Snow Leopard, Yeah…
Mac SOAP Client for OS X not working, boo…

Mac SOAP Client
Mac SOAP Client for OS X is a great little app which can be used to access and query XML Web Services. I was very disappointed that after upgrading to Snow Leopard the XML result preview tab kept crashing the application.

Fortunately the application is now an open source project available on Google Code and it was only a short matter of time before someone came up with a fix – thank you Howard.


Integrating Google XML Sitemaps with Your WordPress Plugin

Note: Please read my more recent post about Integrating Google XML Sitemaps with the latest version of WP e-Commerce using a plugin by Lee Willis.

One plugin I recommend that everyone should add to their WordPress installation is the Google XML Sitemaps plugin.

This plugin will automatically generate an XML sitemap of your posts and pages and ping supporting search engines to notify them that the sitemap has been updated.

But the best thing about this plugin for other plugin developers is it provides hooks so you can ‘borrow’ it’s functionality so that your plugin can add additional pages into the XML sitemap that is generated.

So if you’re a WordPress plugin developer, read on…



Loading XML files in Flash over an SSL Connection in Internet Explorer

If you have a Flash site which loads dynamically generated XML file using SSL, you may have experienced this problem.

Loading XML files in Flash over an SSL Connection fails in Internet Explorer if the Pragma:no-cache or Cache-control:no-cache HTTP headers are set on the XML file. By default, all dynamically generated files are returned by the server with the Pragma:no-cache header so that they are not cached by the browser.

To ensure that Flash loads the XML successfully, you should use the following function in PHP near the top of your code: