My little contribution to WordPress 3.4

WordPress 3.4 is out…
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My little contribution is one tiny commit, but it fixes an issue which I find incredibly frustrating when managing a site with a large about of hierarchical categories (or other hierarchical taxonomies).

Checked on top

When you check categories when editing a post in WordPress, after saving checked categories appear at the top of the list.

The makes sense if you have many non-hierarchical categories and it makes it easy for you to deselect categories without having to scroll through a long list.

However, when dealing with hierarchical categories and sub-categories, all checked options still jump to the top, moving out of the hierarchical structure. This makes it difficult to identify which checked categories are top level and which are sub-categories and is particularly confusing if you have sub-categories with the same name under different parent categories.

Introducing the wp_terms_checklist_args filter

The new filter allows you to filter all checklist arguments including the ‘checked_ontop’ variable.


$defaults = array(
	'descendants_and_self' => 0,
	'selected_cats' => false,
	'popular_cats' => false,
	'walker' => null,
	'taxonomy' => 'category',
	'checked_ontop' => true
$args = apply_filters( 'wp_terms_checklist_args', $args, $post_id );
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WordPress Media Uploader – Another HTTP Error Solution

There are countless posts in the forums about errors that occur when using the media uploader.

Otto does a pretty good job of outlining the main issues and solution in this post.

In my experience these errors usually occur because of your server setup or memory issues. To help you diagnose where your problem lies:

1. If the file appears to upload and then you get an HTTP Error, this is most likely your server settings preventing you from uploading or processing large files in some way.

2. If you get as far as “Crunching…” being displayed, this is most likely a memory issue – the image is so big that the server struggles to create the other images sizes. Also note that it is often the actual physical dimensions of the image not the filesize that is too big and causes the memory issue.


The most recent occasion when I ran into this issue was on a 1&1 Virtual Server. None of the fixes I could find solved my issue and I eventually tracked it down to needing to increase to MaxLen setting on the server.



Graphic Art Prints by Susie Huson

Please take a look at these brilliant graphic art prints by Susie Huson.

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WP e-Commerce Cross Sales

The latest version of WP e-Commerce (3.8.x) for WordPress is a significant move on both in terms of stability and extensibility.

This is partly down to an extensive re-build on the codebase to take advantage of some of WordPress’ latest features; custom post type and taxonomies. This has the added benefit of making it much easier for plugin developers to create add-on plugin to enhance WP e-Commerce functionality.

The key objectives now seem to be to keep WP e-Commerce ‘lean and mean’ to provide a solid platform on which to develop WordPress-based e-commerce sites, and provide additional functionality through plugins.

Part of this process includes stripping out some of the less-used parts of WP e-Commerce and turning them into plugins. Once such example is the automated ‘Also Bought’ functionality which can be found in the Marketing tab of WP e-Commerce settings.

I have worked extensively with WP e-Commerce over the last 2-3 years and frequently try to get involved wether it be fixing the odd bug or helping out on the forum – when I have time ;) so I jumped on board to help separate the ‘Also Bought’ functionality into a WordPress plugin.



“Harecule Poirot” – My Hare Styling Canvas

This is my contribution towards the Hare Styling project, raising money for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.

My canvas “Harecule Poirot” is just one over 200 canvases being auctioned including contributions from Helena Bonham Carter, Alastair Campbell, Cheryl Cole, Tracey Emin, Sir Alex Ferguson, Stella McCartney, Jamie Oliver, Mark Quinn, Sir Paul Smith, and Jack Vettriano.

The canvases are being exhibited at Heartbreak Gallery:

Date: Saturday 16th April – Sunday 8th May Opening times: Mon to Sat 10am – 6pm / Sun 11am – 4pm Admission: Free

Address: 17 Bulstrode Street, Marylebone, London W1U 2JH Nearest Tube: Bond Street (Central and Jubilee line) Website:

Pop down there and take a look Cleveland web design

PS. You can bid on my canvas here…

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