Improving the UI for Hierarchical Taxonomies in WordPress

Looks like this will be in WordPress 3.5 – hurray!

Since being able to easy add new taxonomies to any post type in WordPress, I have had a little gripe about the UI…

Creating taxonomies can be a really useful way of categorising and navigating your content but what happens if I want to add many taxonomies to my post type?

You have the choice of specifying when a taxonomy is ‘hierarchical’ or not. If set to false then the UI is the admin will display in the same way as it does for tags; a text field which you can use to add terms. If set to true then the UI displays in the same way as categories; a box with a list of checkboxes for each term.

So what’s my issue?

My issue is all that space if you only have a couple of categories.

It’s not so much of an issue if you only have categories but if you add multiple hierarchical taxonomies it can make your edit screen really long for no reason.



Why has my OS X dock icon disappeared?

So after finding that one of my dock icons appeared pixelated, I recently experienced some of my dock icons become invisible.

I’m not sure what caused it although I think I was running low on disk space at the time so it may have been memory related. All I did to fix it was re-drag the application into the dock and the icon reappeared. There’s also a discussion in the Apple support forums about disappearing icons.

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FancyBox causing hanging in Internet Explorer

I recently received feedback from people saying that some web sites I had worked on were loading slowly and freezing for a second or two in Internet Explorer on each page load.

After checking that images were well optimised I guessed the next thing to check should be any JavaScript the pages were loading.

I removed all JavaScript includes and the pages loaded fine so I added them in again until I was able to re-create the ‘hanging’ issue – FancyBox seemed to be the culprit.

I’ve not yet figured out why, but the hang appears to happen around the same time that the HTML DOM structure finishes loading. During the ‘freeze’ the browser hangs completely and you cannot click any links, scroll, or interact with the page in any way.

The hang even happens when viewing the FancyBox web site in IE although is it for a much shorter period of time – maybe the duration of the hand is influence but the amount of HTML or links on a page?

As I don’t have enough time to investigate further, for the moment I shall continue to use jQuery lightBox or one of the other image popup scripts. Shame, as FancyBox is the nicest and cleanest I have found so far.

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Single Column Gallery in WordPress

You may (or may not) have noticed that in WordPress if you want to insert an image gallery into your post it does not give you the option of insert a gallery only 1 column wide.

This seems like an oversight. I have seen loads of photo and inspiration blogs around that often include multiple images in a single column so it would seem that being able to easily insert a single column gallery would be a useful feature.

Fortunately it is possible to insert a gallery one column wide, just not through the popup media window. Here’s how…



Setting a short menu name when registering a new custom post type in WordPress

When registering a new custom post type in WordPress, there are a whole array of labels you can set for how your post type will be displayed in the admin.

The post type I was creating had quite a long descriptive label which was fine in most scenarios but in the case of the main admin menu it pushed the menu text onto several lines.

See the example on the left below – I have deliberately shown any extremely long title to illustrate the point.

It would be really useful to have an extra label for ‘menu-name’ so that you can use a different title for the menu item as illustrated in the example on the right.

I have submitted a WordPress patch which Andrew Nacin seems to have taken under his wing. You can follow the progress of the patch here.

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