Plugin version: 0.1.beta
Requires WordPress version: 3.0+
Tested up to WordPress version: 3.0.1
Download: Click here to download...


At the moment this plugin simply allows you to create and manage a directory of audio tracks in WordPress.

Future plans include:

  • Additional track details; Lyrics, Year, BPM, track numbers etc
  • Additional audio file information; Bit rate, Sample rate etc
  • Audio player functionality

Just released. Not much to see yet but feel free to try it out.

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4 thoughts on “AudioTracks

  1. saw your plugin and thought i had found what i have been searching for, but it turned out to be only some of what i was seeking. So I thought I’d offer you some suggestions that would make this the perfect plugin.

    features: a user selected folder and load all mp3 files found to Wordpress media library. the id3 tag of each mp3 file and use the information to populate the library fields.

    3.the ability to edit/manipulate the audio track info including the album cover.

    A short list but something sorely lacking in wordpress


  2. Seems interesting but I can’t really get it to work. Is there any documentation on this plugin at all? At least brief documentation and screenshots of what this plugin is supposed to do would be really helpful.


  3. At the moment it simply creates a new post type for audio files and allows you to categories them into genres and albums.

    I would like to add support for various media players etc but I haven’t had time to develop this yet.

  4. really nice plugin for wordpress, thanks for sharing! I am thinking of making track dir so I am gonna test it – do you think it is gonna work with latest wp?
    best regards

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