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WP Geo is a Google Maps for WordPress plugin which enables you to easily attribute a location and map to a post or page.

For more information please visit the WP Geo website.


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69 thoughts on “WP Geo

  1. Hi,

    I just downloaded the WP-Geo plugin an installed it. Works great so far!

    Now, if i select a location and save the new article, the map is only shown, when i show the article as a single page…
    Is this intendet by you or did i something wrong?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Hi Alig,

    At the moment the map on shows on single post pages.
    I am hoping to shortly add the option of being able to show it automatically at category and archive level too.

    If you are comfortable editing your theme’s templates, you could add the following bit of code to your category template (works best above all the posts) which will show a single map with markers for all the posts on that page.

    <?php WPGeo::categoryMap(); ?>

    – Ben

  3. I installed my blog 3 years ago, yet awaited a plugin such as WP Geo. My blog is mostly focused on geoscience-related topics, and for high literary impact, I was seeking a plugin that would indicate localities on the planet Earth for which I wanted to blog about. And WP Geo does this. Installation was easy, hassle-free, and worked “out of the box” the first time.

    To put it simply – sweet!

    (PS: I would rather that the map does NOT appear at the category and archive levels – so when and if you update WP Geo, please allow us endusers to select those levels of map viewing as an option.)

  4. Hey Ben, this is great!

    I really love the simplicity you’ve built into this plugin! I’m using it for a travel blog this summer. For me it would be perfect if the map could appear on the front page. That way friends and family could see where I was without having to click.

    It might be nice to be able to set the pixel size, and zoom level of the map, but that would just be icing on the cake.

    Thanks again!

  5. Hi Ben,
    Great job. I’ve just a noob question;)
    What is the url you have to give to generate google key ?
    Url from back-office ? from front-office ?

  6. Hey, Ben … I’m trying to use this on a new site I just started, geophlog.net. It’s not inserting the map for me. I’m using the WordPress.com Monotone theme for photologs and Akismet, but nothing else plugin or theme-wise. Any ideas? Maybe some of the stuff in Monotone is slagging it.

  7. Geof,

    Checked out your web site. The map code all seems to be there OK but for some reason it is not writing the <div> (where the map will appear) into your post.

    Try deactivating and reactivating the plugin. Then in the WordPress admin go to the WP Geo Settings and check that ‘Show Post Map’ is set to either ‘top’ or ‘bottom’. Save these settings (even if they are already selected) and see if that works.

    PS. I have just released another minor update of the plugin which allows you to include the map within your post content instead of just at the top or bottom using [wp_geo_map].

  8. Geof, as is appears to be working with the standard Kubrick theme, it would appear it is something to do with the new Monotone theme (revision 1028) you are using. I’ll look into it…

  9. Hi,

    Great plugin. I am having the same “issue” as Alig. It would be great to have the option for the category and archive level. Would this also make the map visible on the “recent posts” level? That would also be a nice feature. At the moment I have my site on “recent posts” and what I get is a nice 300px white area where the map should be, for every post. Not really very fluid. :\

    Also, I tried donating, but all the button does is bring me to the PayPal site. What info should one use?


  10. Thanks dwrz,

    I am currently working on the ability to show maps correctly at category and archive level – it requires some reworking a chunk of the plugin but hoping to be able to release this functionality soon.

    PS: I have now fixed the donation button, thanks.

  11. I’ve added to a category template (category-20.php). The added locations show on the map, but are not clickable or anything. Did I do something wrong?

  12. Edde,

    No, you have done nothing wrong. The category level map currently only displays the post locations. I guess they should be clickable to link through to the post. Any other ideas?

  13. The pop-ups, including text (and images), you see in google maps are nice. But only since you’re asking :)

    So far it’s a nice plugin as it is! Don’t get me wrong. Thanks!

  14. This is great!!! Thank you very much.
    I just copied & pasted the address (even in Japanese it’s ok), I have the map on the post! So easy to add a map!
    First I thought it would be nice to show a small comment on the map by clicking the point, but on the second thought, it’s better to write it in the article to make it seachable. So I’m using this nice plugin as it is (except the default zoom, cause my country is small).
    Thank you so much again.

  15. today i tried a lot of google maps plugins for wordpress. yours is the first that’ll meets my needs. but i agree to the request for the zoom-level preset.

    thank you

  16. Hi Chris,

    I had a look at the stylesheet for the theme ‘Colourise’ that you are using. In lines 88-89 there is a style that sets all images to have dark background colours and borders:

    background: #1B1B1B;
    border: 1px solid #1B1B1B;

    Try removing these lines and see if that fixes it.
    I’m not sure how this will affect the look of your theme but it will clarify wether it is actually this that is causing the problem.

    – Ben

  17. @ben

    We could alternatively resetting those img css. I myself simply add these code to the wp-geo.php.

    In function shortcode_wpgeo_map, just add

    #wp_geo_map_' . $id . ' img {background:none;border:none;}

    before the div. So it should look like these

    return '#wp_geo_map_' . $id . ' img {background:none;border:none;padding:0px;}' . $content . '';

    Now, I have my theme img css work and the zoom level and map indicator icons works

    [ed] For more details see here

  18. Very nice PlugIn, but I have some feature-requests:
    1. Is it possible to add the new “More…” function to the map, so pictures from panoramio and wikipedia articles will be visible in the map..
    2. It would be fine if the standard location can be changed (actually it is london)
    3. The new function “Google Earth” will be a great feature for Windows users, because the plugin is available for IE6, IE7 and Firefox 2+ only on Windows-PCs… (http://www.google.com/earth/plugin/examples/mapsapi/)

    Thx a lot for this plugin…

  19. Looks promising!

    Checking it out…

    With the [wp_geo_map] shortcode, can I specify type of map (terrain, hybrid) and other features like zoom level? I will need different maps on a per post basis that can override the admin default.

    Hmm, and how about displaying an overlay/ position from a specific kmz? That way, one KMZ and it’s markers can be …hmm wait, the current posts’ marker is not in the file. It would be better to load the kmz, and display that part to be discussed in the post…

    Anyone else doing this kind of thing?

  20. “Show map of recent locations (with links to posts?)”

    Yes please!
    This will make WP Geo very useful for my purposes. I’m planning to use WP Geo with the event’s calendar plugin and there by showing where the event is.
    A very useful way to navigate workshops and events for an international venue.

  21. Fantastic Plugin! Landed on this website by pure luck, and I’m very happy with this tool. Congratulations!

    However, I have 2 questions:
    – how to add a black borderline to the map?
    – how to delete the “zoom bar” (at least the long one) on the left side? When I reduce the map height to 200, for example, the zoom bar pops out of the map.

    Hope someone can answer these questions.

    Rui Zamith – [email protected]

  22. Hi Rui,

    Thanks for your comment. My next release of the plugin (literally just about to upload) will have a few small improvements, one of which is I have added a ‘wp_geo_map’ class to each map’s div tag so they can be styled with your theme’s stylesheet.

    I have also added the map control comment to my to do list.

    – Ben

  23. Version 2.1.1 Available

    A minor update to fix a few issues people have been having.

    I’ve added a ‘wp_geo_map’ class to the divs containing the Google Maps so you can now create a class in your theme’s stylesheet to alter the appearance of your map such as adding a border, alignment, margin etc.

    This has also enabled me to add some default styles to solve issues created by some themes (such as the Colourise theme) whereby all images within the map would by themed to have background colours and borders. I now override theme styles for images within the map div tag to always have no border, padding or background colour.

    Please let me know if you experience any further issues and log them on my Google Project Issues page.

  24. Ben,

    Thanks for your answer.

    I am not that good working with CSS, do you think there’s any possibility of deleting (or reducing) the zoom bar on the left, just by editing the wp-geo.php file?


  25. Rui,

    The control is part of the Google Maps API. I will be providing support to change this control in future version, however for now you could try editing the wp-geo.php file.

    Search for all instances of “GLargeMapControl” and replace with either “GSmallMapControl” or “GSmallZoomControl” for a smaller control – the second one does not include panning controls.

    Let me know how you get on….

    – Ben

  26. Hi all great information here and good thread to comment on.

    Can I ask though – how did you get this picked up and into google news?

    Very impressive that this blog is syndicated through Google and is it something that is just up to Google or you actively created?

    Obviously this is a popular blog with great data so well done on your seo success..

  27. I can’t get the category page map to work. The option is checked in my wp geo options menu. Is it because I’m only showing the excerpt in the archive.php?

    Also, the version 2.1.1 still says 2.1 in the download. Maybe that is the problem itself…

  28. “Show map of recent locations (with links to posts?).”

    thanks for the great plugin. i would really appreciate the feature you named above. especially if you could add a sidebar widget with a map that displays all post entries and when you click on a pin you jump directly to this post. when could we see a first version of this?

  29. Wow, thank you very much for this plugin! It works great… Maybe in the future you can make an automated map of all the posts(markers) (with clickable url)! hint hint ;) Thanks for so far!

  30. Great plugin, simple to set up and use, too!

    Multiple maps on a page would be handy, as we play on three grounds, and I can display all three on one page (or use a page tabs plugin to make it look like three), but that’s a minor niggle.

    What I’d find really useful, is (a) the ability to plan a route from or to my marker point and (b) to override the default size setting. I could then insert a smaller map on a post (floated right, using css), showing visitors how to get to away games, but still having the 100% map for our home venues.

  31. Awesome plugin!

    Works right out of the box even on WPMU.

    I just noticed one strange thing… When loggin into WP(MU) backend – it contacts maps.google.com – maybe for checking API key, maybe for something else as well.
    This degrades the overall performance of WP(MU) backend, I mean loading speed, especially on WPMU systems.

    Can something be done to avoid loading data from maps.google.com when logging into backend?


  32. This is an incredible plugin, and I adore it. Bravo!

    Just some feedback…

    1. Show all locations easily – Create a companion plugin/settings so you can embed a map on any page/post/category/etc, and specify which category to show. I would want to create a wordpress Page called “hotels”, and then embed the map for all posts that have been put in the “hotels” category.

    2. Set the zoom level of the embedded group map above. Currently when i insert the PHP to display it is on a very zoomed in level, but I would want to show a world/country view.

    3. Allow for custom markers

    4. Make markers clickable and link to the original post.

    If the above 4 could happen I would absolutely be in love, and a donation would be coming your way. Please let me know if I can help in testing.

  33. great plugin, works great. i have a request tho of adding more weather info besides just the temp and humity.

    i really need wind direction/speed and high/low tides

    Clouds, Barometer,Sunrise,Sunset would also be nice


    >when schedule a post with wp-geo parameters, after that post >become live, map is disappearing.

    I see this problem too. I had this problem with my own plugin where custom fields get nuked right after a post is live.

    I suggest you add some code to function save_post($post_id) so that it doesn’t just blindly delete the custom field first.

    This is what I added to my plugin:

    $postvalue = $_POST[$metakey];
    if ( isset($postvalue) && !empty($postvalue) )
    	delete_post_meta($postID, $metakey);
    	add_post_meta($postID, $metakey, $meta_value);
  35. Hi, is a there a template tag available to set the location of the map outside the default post text, rather than just the shortcode tag?

    Cheers, great plugin

  36. Hi Jordan,

    No template tags to do this at present but I will shortly be launching an updated version of the plugin – I’ll try address this then. You may be able to get it to show using the <?php WPGeo::categoryMap();?> in your templates but I haven’t tested this

    The updated plugin will also allow you to add a map widget to your sidebar which will display all locations from posts on the current page.

  37. Ben,

    REally hoping I can use WP Geo in the site I’m building, but having problems. When I publish all I get is a big gray square.

    I’m using Primepress template. When I switch to Classic WP the maps seem to show properly.

    So I’m guessing there is something in the Primepress template that doesn’t jive with WP Geo. Any ideas on how I could work around this?


  38. Hey Ben, disabled the other 3 plug-ins I had installed and it made no difference, still a gray box.

    But, have determined that the map shows up fine on IE browser. Firefox and Opera no show.

  39. Rich, I narrowed it down to a style in the PrimePress Theme. The offending style is around line 104 of the stylesheet:

    .entry-content img {max-width:100%; height:auto;}

    It can be fixed editing the wp-geo.css (in the WP Geo plugin folder) and setting max-width to “none” for all images in wp_geo_map divs.

    div.wp_geo_map img {
    	background: transparent;
    	border: none;
    	padding: 0px;

    This fix will be included in the 3.0 release of WP Geo coming very soon.

  40. Ben, I am testing out your plugin before potentially using it on my main site (which is currently using another geo plugin). However, I don’t see the pins on my maps. Can you have a look?

    It looks very promising!

  41. Hi Ben,

    I’ve been having a lot of fun playing around with both Wordpress and WPGeo. I think the two together will make a difference in the world of emergency response here in LA County – see http://gis.lacounty.gov/eGIS

    Your plug-in, along with GeoMashup, are both easy to use right out of the box.

    Quick questions/comments.

    1. When I enable WPGeo, it starts output GeoRSS (sweet!). However, this appears to disable the capability of many of the outside readers to read my blog (not so sweet).

    2. Is there a way to place the map inside the body of the post, not just at the bottom? GeoMashup allows this, but its a bit clunky.

    3. GeoMashup allows a kml file that has been added as an attachment to a post to be automatically displayed – this is pretty cool – would love to see it here too, especially polygons and lines.

    Great stuff!

  42. Thanks Marks, I’ll have a look into the feeds issue.

    You can include the map in the body of th epost by setting the map position to ‘manual’ on the WP Geo settings pages and inserting a map into your post using the shortcode [wp_geo_map].

    Like the KML attachment solution in GeoMashup. Will add it to a list of possible enhancements.

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