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I am no longer actively developing this plugin.

Since WordPress custom post type were introduced many more testimonial plugins have been developed. Many of them are a better solution than using WordPress Link to achieve this and I would suggest that you see if one of these suits your purposes.

If you are a developer and would like to continue maintaining the plugin, let me know and I’ll give you commit access to the WordPress repository.


Provides a PHP function wp_list_testimonials to output your blogroll in the format of testimonials usingĀ <blockquote> and <cite> tags.

It uses the notes field of the blogroll link as the main quote, the link name as the cite, and the link description as additional information following the cite if provided.

The function accepts the same arguments as the get_bookmarks WordPress function.


  • Manage your testimonials via your Blogroll.
  • Include/exclude specific categories.
  • Set testimonial ordering
  • Simple PHP function to include in your templates.


1. Download the archive file and uncompress it.
2. Put the “wp_list_testimonials” folder in “wp-content/plugins”
3. Enable in WordPress by visiting the “Plugins” menu and activating it.

You can then implement it in your templates using < ?php wp_list_testimonials(); ?> passing any arguments you require. See the documentation for the WordPress get_bookmarks function.

Change Log

You can track changes to the plugin in theĀ wordpress plugin SVN.


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9 thoughts on “WP List Testimonials

  1. To display links as testimonials you can insert the following code into your templates:

    < ?php echo wp_list_testimonials(); ?>

    If you want to display a single category you can:

    < ?php echo wp_list_testimonials('category_id=6'); ?>

    In order for a link to show a testimonial, when adding a link you must enter:

    1. Name
    2. Web Address (enter # if not required)
    3. Notes (in the advanced section of the edit/add link page)

  2. Thanks for creating this useful plugin.
    In order to get it to work in Wordpress 2.7.1 I modified line 84 from:
    add_management_page(‘Testimonials’, ‘Testimonials’, 8, ‘testimonials’, ‘sfstst_adminpage’);
    add_menu_page(‘Testimonials’, ‘Testimonials’, 10, ‘testimonials’, ‘sfstst_adminpage’);

    This seems to do the trick, atleast for the widget which is what I needed it for.


  3. Hi Ben, nice work you have done.

    I got a simple question:

    I’m using wordpress 2.81 and I’m trying to call just a testimonial from a single links category but I get all categories showed up.

    This is the code I use:

    Any idea? Thanks. Alejandro

  4. Alejandro, have you tried passing either of the following 2 parameters to specify the category you want to use:


  5. No shortcodes I’m afraid.
    I’m not really continuing to develop this plugin at the moment as since WordPress introduced custom post types there are many better testimonials plugins available – I use TB Testimonials a lot now instead.

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